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Shenzhen Experimental Station

Shenzhen Experimental Station, which is located at ShaGangXia, East NanAo Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, is a supporting scientific research institution of SCSFRI. The station covers an area of about 170 mu, including 17,663 m2 of fish, shrimp, shellfish, algae laboratories, comprehensive experimental buildings, office buildings, dormitory and other affiliated facilities, 62,446 m2 of fish, shrimp, shellfish, algae culture ponds and about 164 mu of usable sea area.

SES, originally located at Yantian Harbour of Shenzhen, is one of the largest field stations undertaking the commercialization of scientific research findings. It has completed more than 80 scientific research projects. Thirty-three awards were conferred to the achievement by state and province/ministry. It contributed greatly to the breeding of high-quality aquatic seeds, proliferation and cultivation of marine organisms, prevention and cure of diseases. In keeping with the construction of Yantian Harbour, the relocation and reconstruction work was started in 2005.

Huadu Experimental Station

  Huadu Experimental Station is located in Beixingzhen Industrial Park, Huadu District of Guangzhou City. There are favorable traffic and infrastructure conditions. It is adjacent to No. 105, No. 107 highways, Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, and subway station of the new airport, being 48 km away from SCSFRI.

The base covers an area of about 54 mu, including a construction area of 21,283 M2.of comprehensive experimental building, office building, factories, dormitory and other affiliated facilities.

Tropical Aquaculture Research and Development Center

TARDC, founded in 1979, is one of the important experimental fields of scientific research innovation system. It consists of Anyou seed-breeding base and Lingshui Xincun testing farm, which are engaged in the genetic improvement and larval rearing of tropical marine organisms, solving key technological problems for the development of fishery economics. In recent 30 years, it has undertaken dozens of scientific research projects financed by the state and provincial, among which the achievement of "Artificial Breeding, Nucleus Insertion and Pearl Culture Techniques of Pinctada maxima (Jameson)" was significant. The breakthrough in large-size pearl ("king of pearl") production of China was conferred the First Class of the National Science and Technology Advancement Award; a large number of pearls were produced when the project was finished. At present, a series of key scientific research projects are now in progress in TARDC.

Scientific Survey Ship

The scientific survey ship is self-designed and self-constructed modern fishery resource and environmental science comprehensive survey ship. In August 2005, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs approved the preliminary design document of the ship authorized by the State Development and Reform Committee.

The ship was built by Shangdong Rushan Ship Building Limited Liability Company and designed by Wuhan 701 Institute.

On March 24th, 2008, the deputy mayor of Rushan city of Shangdong province Ma Ze officiated the ceremony for the opening of the construction of the survey ship in Rushan Ship Building Co., Ltd. in a grand style. Besides, 13 guests cut the ribbon in the ceremony including the mayor of Rushan city Li Hongyi, the deputy director of Fisheries Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture Zhang Xianliang and director of SCSFRI Jia Xiaoping. The construction project has been completed at the end of 2009.

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